Nkatha- The New Zest in Here.

Moving into this new blog earlier this year felt like moving into a new house. It felt exciting -tingly actually-but it also felt scary. Everything felt so new and so delicate that I was even afraid to tamper with it. I met a friend called Allan who wrote a few code lines here. Everytime he tweaked something I felt a stomach flip flop.I felt robbed of comfort and belonging-yet that is how change is meant to be.

I am afraid that my fears grew deeper. I allowed life’s passing winds to blow me offshore and I probably even forgot why I started this blog. This blog was meant for hope and dreams. It was to cross beyond leaps and bounds. It was for breaking from average…it was supposed to let you know that we all go through the same crap and we choose our paths. It was to try new stuff out and to fail at them. It was for liberation, for growth and for new ventures.

So last week when I met Nkatha after a long time, I thought that we could give the blog a new perspective. She blossoms and radiates with love and joy. Her food enthusiasm is amazing and I thought she would do a great job here talking about my second love-food.

Maureen Nkatha, is a musician who likes making good food and experimenting in the kitchen. She says she hates routine cooking (the whole ugali mchele githeri kinda thing). Her inspiration is from her favorite cooks and food bloggers especially Kaluhi.

Okay, you know what; I cannot keep paraphrasing her words. Afterall, she will be the new resident food blogger here for a long while.
So Nkatha take it away…

“I try out some of the food and give it a twist (my kinda personal touch):)
I’m also a perfectionist and when I experiment on stuff and it turns out really bad I feel really bad πŸ˜‚and I love compliments regarding the food I make πŸ‘…
My favorite ingredients should be garlic and coriander (just warning guys cause I’ll use them a lot). I also love potatoes (another warning here everyone-cause you’ll see lots of those).

….And eggs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚and meat.


Side note:

This should help everyone(boys and girls) make anything (fancy or just simple). The end game is to have fun ,get full and be proud of yourself.🐱”