A Binding Love Letter.

14Th February 2017,
To a confused soul out there,

Before anyone asks you out on a date today, your heart needs to know what it stands for. It must never worry you, that you can’t find the right love now. It should not even matter if it was torn into halves. It is fine not to know who it beats for. But, what you need and want; those you must know, for only then will you find yourself. For only then, will you fly with the aves.


Your heart will need to learn how to fall in love without losing itself. You will have to know that love is beyond feelings. That love is a two-pronged stick; it can either strengthen or stifle, expand or enfeeble, perfect or pauperize. That it is has nothing to do with the shooting stars nor a promised heaven, but knowing you hold a steady hand. It is not breathlessness, excitement nor the desire of waking up to finding the warmth of his breath on your neck. Love is a volcano that just sometimes erupts and at times subsides; and then you have to decide whether to stay or leave. At whiles, it is just a seamless piece of art and at the same time a fortunate accident.


So, you will have to learn, when you fall in love, how to kiss in a way that communicates perfectly what you would and would not like to happen next; how to wear a dress without being too skimpy or revealing nor too mind-numbing or lackluster; how to break up with a partner without ruining friendship; how to live alone even if you don’t like to. Your heart and mind will need to learn how to judge authenticity; how to sift truth from flatter and how to critic the two with a clear mind. You will have to teach yourself how to forget every crush you have and let go of every infatuation that keeps you up. Because only then can you love truly.

There are even tougher things to be learnt; that sometimes when you’ve done your best; you need to walk away. That you can never reverse mistakes when they happen and it is better forgiving yourself, however hard it may be. You need to know that you can’t change the width of your hips, the length of your calves or the shape of your lips. You need to understand that your past may not have been perfect, but it is past. You need to master who you can trust, who you can’t and why you should not take it personally. Remind yourself always, that trust is earned and so is respect for yourself and for others.


At one fell swoop too, you need to strike a perfect balance and never confuse assertiveness for rudeness, being a wannabe for being independent. I hope you will learn that though your heart is skeptical, there is no mistake in ever falling in love and telling it to the person. That seeming clingy, weird and obdurate are terms used by people who think love has specific theories; It doesn’t, love is supposed to drive you that wild and that mild in equal measure.


I know this is not all you need to know about love and life; but for today I hope you will find this satisfactory and remain
Yours truly,
Your Soul.

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  1. Your ability to impress me is unparalleled…this is so deep and on point for a minute there is thought I was reading one of r.m drake’s pieces. Amazing😍

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