Let’s get political.

I  will be very brief and precise to take you through CPS 101; Introduction to Political Science…
Trust me will you? I am among the very few who entered the examination room with neither a mwakenya nor a phone. While still at it; my naivety must have made me believe that guys on campus cheat more in class. I was wrong; as we probably are wrong about most things, girls are the brains in cheating; at least in my school.
But I digress…

Politics 1;- The authoritative distribution of resources and values in any society.(David Easton). So if you thought that politics is people throwing words at each other…you were wrong.If you also thought politics is void of peace, honesty, integrity, service ..you need an English class on the meaning of values.
However, to make it easier. Let’s dissect this argument a bit more deeply. If politics is about authority, then it means power must be sought or contested for. It then makes sense when we say that politics is about the ‘haves’ and the ‘ have-nots’; that when those elected into power have authority they will control the resources; and here is what happens, naturally, the haves will first allocate to themselves these resources which are scarce, they then will pass the remains to their kinsmen and relatives; then their supporters and if anything remains, if at all it does; it passes to ‘others’. So if you unconventionally and perpetually ask why politicians only help their people while in power. The answer is simple; it’s their job description.

Politics 2:- Politics is about who gets what, when and how. (Harold Laswell). You know, when I was a kid. I always insisted to my parents that I want to be president. My mum would hear none of it. She would point out in a quick rejoinder that politics is a dirty game…Well, folks, she was rights. Politics is nothing short of a dirty scandal. If any of your politicians woo you into believing that he wants to play clean politics; ferry him to the church by all means.

Politics 3:- God did not create man as only a social being but also a political animal.( Aristotle) . Given this scenario, man is happy indeed only when he engages in politics– He is eudaimonia( I know…the word sounds like the Kikuyu word for demon ‘daimono’) But that is it…man happens to be a political animal through and through. And if by now you still haven’t got the hang of it; reread definition 1 and think about competing for jobs, buyers and sellers in a market, parents at home, class rankings. Everything simply is politically ubiquitous.

When I attended my first political science class; this information was not presented this way. It felt more of a justification of who is the right political animal.
Probably, this is where it all goes wrong, that those with the right information give it to us wrongly.Or that probably we the receivers of information receive it wrongly. You see… I don’t think the problem with our country is ethnicity as much. Ethnicity is actually a good thing if you checked up its definition.I think the problem is that we are ignorant. That we do not understand politics. That our judgment is clouded by politicians who use our ethnic backgrounds to their advantage. The truth is, I do not think they are wrong, I think they are in politics. I think we are the ones who are wrong…I think we miss the point..because in this country what we need is a leader.

I think the problem is us, the electorate who appreciate gossip more than information. You will quickly skim through this piece and since the title is not, ” President cheats on his wife” or “SGR has failed”, you won’t finish it. The problem is that right from high school to campus we are not committed to excellence, we are committed to getting it the easier way. Have you heard campus kids complain about how our country is corrupt? Ooh..they are vicious … and have you seen how they have great cheating skills during the exams?… I honestly cannot read the difference and I have no respect for you. I think you are a menace to this country.
Politics is complex, but we decide who we want by ceasing to be ignorant…about everything even about our own actions.


Lesson is over,

I guess that was easier than 3 hours of lecture.

Enjoy your evening.

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  1. I have read this piece and have liked it and been challenged in a practical and meaningful way.
    Ignorance is not good when it takes the lead in political agenda among the electorate

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