Breast Cancer

1.She is at long last here
   I know it’s been a while there
   But I, we want this because we care
   There is longing, however no dare
   To say words which will leave all bare
2.Staring into her eyes, memories unfold
   Moments spent that seem beyond
   Damn masculinity ;the tears I cannot withhold
    Feelings running deep in me lie untold
   Though not now but earlier I was bold
3.It came  without any warning
   In the midst of our family bonding
   A savage with time that began devouring
   My happy limitless became draining
   Into a world that her health was failing
4.The epitome of this I have to say
   Was amputation that sent her off bay
   Loss of part of her a price pay
   The Chemo we prayed would make her stay
   Urgently we needed the thing out of our way
5.Toto and I have streamed in and out
   Hospitals often accustomed to its lot
  Our best we have tried to fight
   Against the perils of disease caught
   Against the implications burdened and even the cost
6.Not openly:in the dark in mere silence
   Battled by this day and it’s very essence
   I am terrified, dreaded at its presence
   Awakened my thoughts build on her innocence
  Helpless I am I cannot take vengeance

Yet still I hold on, I have to not for me but for Toto, for her(my happy). Our past lies vivid my happy she will and is she remains despite this cancer divulge. As she enters the operation room, I remind her I love her holding her pretty bald.. All that remains……. Hope

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